Q – You’ve been photographed by the greats in Male Fashion Photography, and others. I ask as someone who “plays” with the camera now and then: who is your fave and do you have a fave photo of yourself and, of course, why?

A – I’m not sure if that’s technically true, but I have been shot by some good ones. My favourite shot is certainly not the best one, but it is the one I’m most fond of – it was taken at the Columbia (aka Rock’n’Roll) Hotel in London by Joe Shutter for Record Mirror. I believe they used the eyes from this shot as a graphic for a few years afterwards. That was also my favourite new shirt from DeMob in Soho.

<Originally posted in 2004. Updated today and added photo. This is finally a record sleeve, now. It’s the cover of the new(ish) compilation Don’t Look Back.