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Category: Ask Lloyd

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45 years old and taking up guitar - any advice?
posted: 23/04/2014  by gcaldera
category: Ask Lloyd

I'm coming to it a middle aged man, but I'm going to prove you can teach and old dog new tricks... more >

LC & the Leopards: live video release in sight?
posted: 26/03/2014  by Giorgio
category: Ask Lloyd
1 comment

Any chance of a dvd/blu-ray release?... more >

A Question re Standards distribution
posted: 10/02/2014  by goldenbelt
category: Ask Lloyd

Dear lloyd, does STANDARDS come out separately in Benelux as your last records on XII BIS Records?... more >

Whole band live?
posted: 28/07/2013  by Richard Stubbs
category: Ask Lloyd

Will you ever tour in the UK with a whole band again?... more >

The Berlin Wall?
posted: 06/08/2013  by Lloyd
category: Ask Lloyd

Is your song "Period Piece" about the Berlin Wall?... more >

Myrtle and Rose - Lyric Question
posted: 16/07/2013  by paulhunt
category: Ask Lloyd
1 comment

Question about Myrtle And Rose... more >

Record Store Day & NNNNeonLLLLights
posted: 27/04/2013  by Ruurd Edens
category: Ask Lloyd

12" with Roedelius... more >

Chords for "Four Flights Up"
posted: 06/12/2012  by BenderKDesperado
category: Guitar Tabs
1 comment

Lloyd, could you help someone who is useless at working out song chords?... more >

Vintage Leather Jacket
posted: 21/12/2012  by AgedIndiekid
category: Ask Lloyd
1 comment

Q - Being a male fan of a certain age, I am possibly misguidedly considering the purchase of a black leather jacket. I still hanker after a design you wore in some early Commotions photos --- zip front vintage ... more >

Roedelius/Cole release date
posted: 06/12/2012  by goldenbelt
category: Tell Lloyd
link to original article online
link to photo
1 comment

Good Morning, amazon (germany) told us, that the Cole/Roedelius album (volume 1) will be issued on CD and Vinyl at February,22th, 2013!!!... more >