It’s taken a while, I know, but Folksinger Vol 3 is here at last.

Somehow or other, even though it had been my most successful tour in over decade, I never got around to recording the Standards tour. So, over two weekends in late Spring 2016 in my hometown of Easthampton, Massachusetts, I invited fans to visit with me in the studio to recreate the solo set, live. The result is My Austere Demeanour – 19 songs, almost an hour of just me and my guitar, with 30 or 40 people being very quiet.

Track listing – Past Imperfect / Rattlesnakes / Kids Today / Loveless / Can’t Get Arrested / Womens Studies / Medley (Why I Love Country Music / Like A Broken Record) / Blue Like Mars / Are You Ready To Be heartbroken? / Don’t Look Back / Myrtle And Rose / Like Lovers Do / Why In The World? / Period Piece / Weeping Wine / It’s Late / Four Flights Up / I threw It All Away

Recorded and mastered by Mark Alan Miller with a cover photo by Nick Allen taken backstage during the tour. Warrington, I think. Thanks to all who attended and to all who helped with the project. It was less simple than I envisaged, but it’s finally done now. Volume 4 soon.

It’s on sale here. Everything at our shop is discounted until 2018.

It is also available from the Tapete Records webshop.


Don Bryson

Evening, Lloyd. Thanks for FS3…. great to hear Past Imperfect and Can’t get arrested live, surely the best track on Bad Vibes?? Myrtle and Rose is majestic (why is the Later with Jools Holland performance nowhere to be found these days? You were coming on like Johnny C!!!) Always love your FS versions of Why I Love Country Music. Which longwindedly brings me to a Commotions question or two…. Why was The Sea and the Sand never played live (I don’t think)? It’s such a glorious song, but most unlike anything else you were doing- or did. More abstract in concept, kind of wider, world concerns, rather than your more usual personal/ strictly local viewpoint(?) Even So you’d like to save the world, I guess, said more about the lady concerned.. What was the background to the song? And any plans to ever play Sweetness again.? Blair’s keyboard part was always stronger than on the recorded version (eg Hammersmith 83) Cheers!

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